Why Soft Washing Is So Useful

Why soft washing is useful

Everyone knows what pressure washing is, but all too often, we run into folks who haven't a clue what soft washing is. Well, as its name suggests, soft washing is a form of gentle pressure washing. Soft washing expels water at low to no pressure at all, and it gets its cleaning power through a higher concentration of cleaning solutions than regular pressure washing uses. It's this potent mixture that breaks apart organic matter from the surfaces they're attached to, allowing them to be gently rinsed away.

You may not see it yet, and in case you haven't guessed by now, soft washing is perfect for cleaning fragile surfaces or surface areas that could be damaged by the intense blast of regular pressure washing. Let's take a look at just some of the projects that soft washing works spectacularly for.

Roof Cleaning

Roof shingles are durable and meant to withstand plenty, but that doesn't mean any old cleaning technique will do for them. Soft washing is ideal for roof cleaning because power washing or pressure washing could rip apart valuable roofing material. Often times with soft washing, the cleaning crew won't even have to put a foot on your roof because, more likely than not, the entire roof area can be reached through the use of a telescoping wand. Roof cleaning through soft washing is an excellent way of getting rid of spreading algae, mildew, moss, and much more.

House Washing

Regardless of what type of house sidings you may have, soft washing is almost always the best way to clean them up. House sidings are surrounded by delicate materials such as protective sealants, paint, window glass, etc. Pressure washing can damage these essential materials and leave you with a much bigger mess than dirty sidings. Soft washing makes house washing a disaster-free way of restoring the beauty of your sidings.

Deck & Fence Washing

If you have a deck or fence, you probably know that scrub brushes and soapy water aren't going to do the trick when cleaning them. Neither is pressure washing, for that matter. Standard pressure washing or power washing can blast apart some of your deck materials, and if you have a deck or fence made of wood, it can cause severe splintering. Pressure washing can also damage any weather protective sealant on these structures. Soft washing avoids these headaches by gently washing away slippery substances, organic matter, and stains with a thorough soaking.

Window Cleaning

For obvious reasons, you can't blast your windows with highly pressurized water from a pressure washer. Not only does pressure washing a window risk breaking the glass, but it also risks damaging many other materials that seal your windows in place. Soft washing gives windows a deep cleaning without all the force. Besides dirt and dust, soft washing also removes fine particles, allergens, and even smog from your windows.

There is a multitude of other precious surfaces that should only be cleaned using the exemplary method known as soft washing. If you're in the Mooresville area and want to learn more about soft washing or wish to request a service, call Green Side Pro Wash, LLC at 704-775-5675.


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